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Special Abilities

As a monster in the world of Uthgol, a large amount of powers and special abilities are available to you. Each monster is automatically granted the Tooth and Nail special ability. Upon creation, each monster is also able to select one special ability.

Each of the five monster roles (Warrior, Shaman, Builder, Leader, Magical) has an associated set of special abilities available to it. Each caste of monster (Undead, Humanoid, Chimera) also has a set of available special abilities.

Each of your special abilities will have a rank, a numerical representation of how adept your monster is at that particular ability. Newly acquired special abilities will begin at a very low level. You may increase the level of the ability.

As you play in the world of Uthgol, your monster gains Favors, which represent how pleased Grendel is with your actions. Among other things, favors can be spent to improve the level of your special abilities. As your level in a special ability increases, the affects of that special ability will improve.

Some special abilities are action based. These include combat skills, building, some spells, and healing. Some special abilities require execution commands while others are passive, requiring no command.

Peruse each help file for a description of the special ability. These descriptions will provide you with an idea of what the ability's affects are. Discovering the exact affects of the abilities is up to you.

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General Special Abilities Humanoid Special Abilities
Leader Special Abilities Magical Special Abilities
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