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Through mastery of the winds and gravity, the monster with this ability can take to the air and fly. Flying monsters are able to travel great distances unhindered and cannot usually be attacked by those bound to the ground. Monsters cannot fly effectively underground.

Command: fly

This ability is based on:

  • Energy
  • Other Helpful Commands
    • land -- If you are flying, use this command to land on the ground.
    • ascend -- If flying, you will ascend into the sky, allowing you to see more and travel a bit faster.
    • descend <direction> -- If you are flying in the sky, you will descend, with <direction> you can specify a direction (sw,se,nw,ne) to descend.
    • look down -- If flying in the sky, you will get a pop-up window describing each of the areas below you.
    • scan down -- If flying in the sky, all targets available to attack below you are listed. Targets beneath you can be attacked with ranged attacks in the same manner as you would attack any target at a distance.

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