Summary: Backstory: Roar of the Beast

The Roar of the Beast

We will devour them. We will bite them. We will blast them. We will burn them with fire. We will snip them with beak and catch them with claw. We will shock them with lightning; we will swallow them whole. We are the lords and ladies of this land and this sky. No human will come to our land and claim dominance. No human will befoul our skies with their smoke. We are the fire-breathers, the lair-makers, and the high-flyers. We are the wyverns, the gryphons, the sphinxes, and the phoenix. We are the scarabs, the salamanders, the barghest, grimalkin, hippogryphs, rocs, cerebi, basilisks, hydras, rakshasas, and dragons. We are the chimera. Do not forget that it was one of our number who slew Beowulf, that it was a dragon who ended his short life.

For us the future, past, and present are bound up in one. For a chimera there is no separation between what was, what is, and what will be. We know all things that have happened and all things that will happen. We knew the humans were coming, just as we knew how tasty they would be. We heard Grendels footsteps on our land before Grendel was born. We were here before the humanoids, before their noisy and brackish brays polluted the air with sound. We know from where the undead come, the past secrets of their creation that they seek to unravel. We know all the past and future, but we reveal none of it. It cannot be changed, it is set in stone as solid as a statue, a colossal sundial. Knowledge of the future does not change the future, just as knowledge of the past does not change the past. Knowledge of the present does not alter our decisions; each decision must be made in its own place and time and for its own reason.

So we know and we knew we know that the humans will be drawn unresisting into our mountain-homes, to seek out the treasure we have placed there, just as countless humanoids and undead have been before. This is the way things must be. We hoard the treasure, and the treasure gives us pleasure. It pleases our senses true, but treasure itself must also pass through the circle of time. Others will seek it, and we will roast and devour them. We will take their treasure from them and add it to our own. Still others will come, and still our wealth-hoards will grow. We will raid the land, gathering the glittering gold and shimmering silver. Others will raid us. Sometimes we gain wealth; sometimes we lose it. But all moves forward in a set plan and direction. We know the future, and we are the future.

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