Summary: Backstory: Grendel's Song

Grendel's Song

There was a time when I was alone and unmolested

In my dark hidey-hole

There I fought and contested

With the earthworm and the mighty mole

But slowly sounds they came from above

Of picks a-picking and diggers a-digging

Horribly and with a most unwelcome shove

A sunbeam burst through my earthwork rigging!

The smell of fresh air was all around me

The worst smell Id ever known

And when it got dark enough for me to see

I saw the wretched things that they had sown

They planted corn in my roof, me lads!

They put out their cows a-grazing.

The rudeness of these uncouth cads

Was enough to set my blood a-blazing

So I came to them, to ask them please

To leave a poor old monster alone

Remove this light from which the earthworm flees

And that makes the mighty mole mirthless moan

But they screamed at me, in their mead-hall

Pretended to not understand my words

They lifted axes in the air, looking for a brawl

They only replied with their cutting swords

If its a fight you want, its a fight youll get

I sadly spoke into their faces

Their bones were fragile; their blood was wet

And they were fun to catch in chases

I grew to delight in their torment

In making red their skins of pink

But I was never able to remove that scent

That horrible human stink

Well this went on for many many years

It really was the greatest fun

I laughed so hard I couln't count the tears

I swore that Id never be done.

And then from across the seas I heard the horns report

A hero landed on the shores: one ugly, fat, and short

The pathetic pink-skins called him Beowulf

I knew Id eat him soon enough

I stepped into that mead hall again, as I did each and every night

Not expecting this boasting braggart rat to put up any sort of fight

I give him credit; He was awake while all the others slept

But curiously while others dreamed, he sat there and he wept

I almost felt sorry for this sad sack of flesh, for I had known sadness too

I decided to see if there was something that I could do

I whispered words on gentle winds while I hid in darkness:

"Beowulf, what is wrong, why the teary distress?"

Mistaking me for the courts harp-player he began to spill his guts

(Something that I knew about having done it to others lots)

"There is a horrible evil Ive been sent to this place to cleanse."

"But - I dont want to kill the monster, I only want to be friends."

Well, this is something that struck me very close to my heart.

I had wanted only friendship from the start.

"Beowulf," I spoke again, louder now as I walked near.

"I am the monster Grendel, and I will be your friend right here."

His face looked up at mine and smiled; I saw a sparkle in his eye

I walked over and gave him a great big hug just to say, "Hi."

But Beowulf beguiled me, tricked me with his charm

He kicked me in the groin and then ripped off my arm!

Howling, howling, I ran to escape

My blood spurting and my mind agape!

(I can understand why he wanted to cause me harm,

but what in the world would he want with my arm?)

They thought I was dead, but I made my way out

I hid deep underground, off any main route.

There for many a decade I did lay

Again with the earthworm and mole I did play

Until I heard that they had come to this place; that they had come here!

To an island and land that I hold most dear

The island of Uthgol, the home of my kin

That pink-skins had come here was surely a sin

I heard they were planting their corn and grazing their cows

I heard they were constructing another great Mead-house!

So now I come to aid and I come with great strength

Ive been underground for such a great length

That my power has grown, and my size has increased

And I will not leave until the pink-skins have ceased

This will be my never ever ending task

I will not let any of my children come to harm

Only one thing that of you I ask -

Can one of you, please find my arm?

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