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For all of known history, the monsters of Uthgol lived in constant competition and struggle with each other. Then, from across the seas came the Uglies, the human invaders. They established a settlement in Uthgol and went about their ugly ways, conquering, burning, expanding.

The most ambitious and foolhardy of the uglies are the adventurers. As a monster, adventurers will plague your every existance. Their only goal is to kill you and steal your loot. Because of this you will learn to loathe the uglies. However, adventurers tend to bring excellent loot with them as they rampage around the lands. Because of this, you will learn to love them, as they increase your hoards with their shiny things.

Wandering monsters will encounter adventurers in the above lands, as the adventurers travel about seeking loot. Wandering monsters may need to actively hunt adventurers.

Social monsters will be plagued by endless hordes of adventurers invading their lairs. The adventurers have brought with them the magic needed to created portals which they can use to hop into and out of lairs at will. The more adventurers a clan kills, the greater the infamy of that clan will spread, and the more deadly the adventurers who raid them will be. They will also bring better treasure with them when they come.

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