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Death is a constant and everpresent force in the world of monsters. For some creatures, death may be a permanent state, but for monsters, death is just another event in a healthy monster's lifecycle. Death is never permanent for monsters.

To reincarnate yourself

If your monster finds itself dead, you may type: soulrelease to release your spirit and return to the mortal world. You must then type: reincarnate to join the living. You will return to a preset spot in the world. While dead, you may also type karma to see a list of options used to stave off the effects of death or to possibly buy a new special ability.

Life after Death

Monsters who do die are able to reincarnate, to return to the living world. Initially, Grendel tries to help the mewling monsters, by granting them rincarnation without penalty. However, after gaining a certain amount of experience, reincarnation will take its toll--a portion of your lifeforce will be expended in the reincarantion process. This penalty can be high, but it can always be decreased by an spending karma points. Consult the karma help file for more information.

Reincarnation also gives you the opportunity to explore new realms of power. While dead, you may search your spirit and discover the art of a new special ability through the expenditure of karma points.

Death and reincarnation is particularily important for wandering monsters. When a wandering monster dies, it may be able to spend karma points to transform its mortal body into a completely new type of monster. See wandering monsters for more information.

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