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Grendel's Favor

To track your experience and learning in the game, you earn "favors." Grendel grants favors to his monster minions to help them in their battle against the humans. He also grants favor for battling other monsters. While it may seem that Grendel would discourage warfare between the monsters, he believes competition will weed out the weak and foster the strong. Grendel also grants favor for other activites (such as leading clans, healing, mastering minions, building lairs, and mining), because Grendel knows that the fall of the humans can only happen through monstrous bonds.

As you go about proving your worth, you will gain favor points. When have received enough favor points, you will be granted a favor. As you earn more favors, the number of favor points required to acquire another favor increases. The number of favor points you currently have is represented by the blue bar on the left side of your main text window. All the favors that are available to spend are represented by the stack of eyeballs next to the blue, favor point bar.

To spend favors, just type favor and a menu will pop up showing you what you can spend your favors on. Also note that you must have favors to spend, not just favor points.

Once you achieve a favor, you can spend one favor in several ways:

  • Spend one favor: Increase the potential rank of a structure within a lair, see Upgrading Structures

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