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Karma represents a monster's connection to the cycle of life and death. Monsters do not fear death, for Grendel watches over them. When a monster dies, it will reincarnate. Reincarnation is not a simple or easy task - it requires that the monster lose a portion of its lifeforce. This loss in life force will affect the reincarnated monster by reducing the level of its statistics and special abilities.

A monster who has invested wisely in karma points will be able to stave off some or all of this loss. After death, a monster may spend karma points to reduce the amount of loss caused by death.

While dead, a monster can also spend karma points to acquire a new special ability. This is one of the few ways that new special abilities can be gained, so make sure to plan ahead and buy some karma points if you suspect your demise is imminent.

Karma is especially important for wandering monsters. Upon death, wandering monsters may spend karma to reincarnate as an entirely new type of monster. Wandering monsters who reincarnate as a new type of monster will have the opportunity to choose new special abilities. Each type of wandering monster may also have special abilities that are not available to other types. Reincarnation as a different monster type takes a significant amount of karma.

Karma may be purchased with favor points.

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