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Resources are the main currency in Grendel's Revenge. You will use resources for all sorts of activities. You will mainly acquire resources from mines, looting lairs, monsters, and adventurers. There are five types of resources, three that are mainly used by a single caste:

General Resources

Caste-Specific Resources

Resource Deposits and Mines

Resource deposits may be discovered throughout the game world. They may be found both on the surface and at various depths under the ground to be uncovered by the digging and tunneling associated with building a Lair.

Once discovered, a Builder from a clan must build a mine over the resource deposit. Once the mine is built, you may assign (if you are a builder) up to five grunts under your employ to work at the Mine. The grunts will then travel back to the lair and deposit the resources in the mine. All resources are mined on behalf of the clan, though the builders employing the grunts may get a portion of the haul applied to their private hoard, if they have one.

Once you have resources what can you do with them? Resources may be used--and are often required--for these activities:

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