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Wandering Monsters

As a wandering monster, your main purpose is to roam about terrorizing fellow monsters and uglies. You are nomadic and you live to hoard resources for yourself. As a wandering monster you are limited on the role you can have, to either magical or warrior (Note: Due to the limitations on their caste, Humanoids can only be warriors, Chimera can only be Magical, and Undead can be either). You also have the unique ability to evolve into different, and better monsters. As you prove yourself to Grendel, he grants you the ability to reincarnate into a greater creatures. You do this by gaining favors from various activities like hoarding resources, attacking lost adventurers, and being a general nuisance. You can then take your earned favors and spend them to increase attributes, special ability ranks, or trade them for karma points.

You use karma differently than social monsters. When you have accumulated enough karma, you can choose to reincarnate as a different type of monster when you die. There are seven tiers of monsters that a wandering monster can reincarnate into, each progressively more capable than the previous tier. However, each tier puts a cap on you monster's attributes and abilities. That cap will increase as you reicarnate allowing you to become more powerful. Reincarnating as a new type of creature involves losing your special abilities and attribute upgrades, though you do start with the new inherent abilities, as well as bonus favors.

Reincarnation Tiers

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