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You can interact with many of the objects in your location's description, (i.e. the text you see when you use the LOOK command), but certain objects are understood to be at your location without being listed.

For example, with many parser commands, you can refer to yourself as "me". If you wish to gesture towards yourself, you can use the POINT command with "me" in the following manner:

point me

You point at yourself.

You can also refer to your current location as "here". For example, if you are standing within an ash-filled pit, you can gesture towards it:

gesture here

You gesture towards an ash-filled pit.

If you are outdoors during the daytime, you will be able to see the sun, the ground, and the sky:

point sun

You point at the sun.

Likewise, you'll be able to view the moons at night, when they are in the sky.

Indoor locations will often include floors, ceilings, walls, and room corners if appropriate. You can touch a room's northern wall, if it is within your reach:

touch northern wall

You touch the northern wall.

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