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Basic Movement

At any given time, your character will be at some location within the world of Midlight. When you look around, the description of your location will include a paragraph telling you where you can go:

You are facing north. You see a forest glade to the northwest and east, and a door to the north.

The available exits and exit directions will be highlighted. To move in an open direction, such as a forest glade, type the direction name:

north or 'n'

To go through a portal, use the 'go' or 'climb' commands:

go door
climb stairs

The following is a list of abbreviated cardinal movement commands:

walk <direction> will move your character in a straight line in a particular direction until an obstacle is reached.

The gaze command will allow you to see landmarks that may be around you at varying distances. This command is particularly useful in the wilderness for maintaining your bearings.

The follow command will allow you to follow a string of same-named rooms along their course, or allows you to follow another player or NPC.

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