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Grendel's Revenge has been built on an engine that has over two hundred social verbs (such as "smile", "frown", "poke" and "wink") that you can use to have your character easily interact with other characters and non-player characters. Be careful how use these verbs with and around non-player characters. They can often distinguish between friendly, violent, amorous and other types of verbs, and will often react accordingly. For a long list of the these and other types of verbs that you can use, type @commands.

And if you ever find that we haven't supplied a social verb that you'd like to see in the game, simply submit a @request for it, and if it isn't being used for something else, chances are we'll be able to implement it for you.

Usage: verb or verb <target>

For example:smile
You see: "You smile."
Others see: "Neckgar smiles."
wink Mangefur
You see: "You wink at Mangefur."
Others see: "Neckgar winks at Mangefur."
Mangefur sees: "Neckgar winks at you."
frown Mangefur
You see: "You frown at Mangefur."
Others see: "Neckgar frowns at Mangefur."
Mangefur sees: "Neckgar frowns at you."

Emotes Free-form social interaction

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