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Influence represents the social status of your monster: How well known, prestigious, and respected your monster is.

A monster's influence is mostly determined by the number and level of its minions. The more minions beneath a monster, the greater that monster's influence will be. Influence is also determined by a monster's hoard size, and the size of its minion's hoards. The greater the hoard size, the greater influence. Clan leaders also gain influence based on the size of their lair. The bigger a clan's lair is, the more influence the leader of the clan will gain.

Monsters gain favor points based on their influence. The exact ratio of influence to favor point gain is left up to players to discover.

The upkeep cost of a minion is based on their influence. The greater the influence of a minion, the greater the upkeep cost for that minion.

Infamy is also based on influence. The greater the influence of a monster, the greater their infamy will be.

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