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Premium Subscribers

As a player that has a premium account, you are entitled to specific in game rewards:

Premium Accounts also have the option to spend their Story Points for in game rewards. Some of these options will be available through requests to the Worlds Apart Staff, which you can do by using the @request command, and other options will be available via in game commands as pointed out below. (Note: Premium players also have access to the other options that Regular Players

Automated Story Point Spending (does not require GM support, but is available through in game commands):

Descriptions Cost
Custom Race Name250 SPs
Additional Lair Level 500 SPs
Start Wanderer -- Tier 2 400 SPs
Start Wanderer -- Tier 3 800 SPs
Play an NPC Dependent on NPC type

GM Intensive StoryPoint Requests (these items must be requested from the GMs, by using the @request command, and only one item a month may be requested from the staff.}

Descriptions Cost
Room/Lair Makeovers 400 SPs
Personalized Event 1000 SPs
Custom Familiar or Pet 1000 SPs
Custom Structure/Unique Ability 2500 SPs
Additional Clan Lair Level Custom Lair Structure
Custom Race Name Customized Pet
Personalized Events Play a Human
Room Makeover Starting a Wandering Monster at Tier

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