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Skotos awards its customers with Story Points. Story Points are the core mechanic that will allow Skotos subscribers to request gamemaster attention in various games. They may be spent immediately each month for minor rewards or saved for larger ones.

There are also other mechanisms that may be used to gain Story Points at Skotos, as described at If you are unable to afford a premium account, you can receive 50 Story Points by mentoring a new member who becomes a Skotos subscriber. Premium subscribers can, of course, take advantage of these same alternatives to supplement their Story Point total.

Please note that some story point rewards are marked "Premium Only". These are generally the more time-intensive requests that require additional gamemaster or StoryPlotter attention.

Finally, the spending of Story Points for game-specific rewards is ultimately at the discretion of the GameMasters of the game. In other words, if you ask for a "laser rifle" as a new custom item for your monster, you'll probably be refused. If you're unsure, please file a request (using the @request command) before you start saving up points.

  1. Any expenditure of Story Points may only be applied to your own character(s), except when being used to support the activities of a clan or other group or where otherwise noted.
  2. It may not be possible to correct mistaken expenditures, so be sure you are careful when using role-points.
  3. All @requests are subject to staff availability. You may have to wait an undetermined amount of time for your request to be addressed. You may not receive a response to your request.
  4. In order to help serve everyone more effectively, each Premium Subscriber will be limited to one Story Point based feature or service that requires a GM's attention per month. Regular Subscribers will be limited to one Story Point-based feature or service requiring a GM's attention every two months. Any requested service will be guaranteed completion within 30 days for Regular Subscribers and 15 days for Premium Subscribers.
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