Most Monstrous Deaths

1Smarmy the Giant4357
2Norin the Gryphon3010
3Exorn the Shadow Afreet2668
4Hecate the Vampire2524
5Artair the Dragon2461
6Binetu the Jaguar Ghoul1526
7Yelpi the Lich1460
8Marx the Lich783
9Sancin the Troglodyte732
10Hellitosis the Revenant547
11Zetsu the Vampire525
12Anuu the Lich417
13Dakota the Vampire406
14Scoundrel the Mummy402
15Korky the Ogre387
16Chambers the Minotaur368
17Anknut the Troglodyte92
18Yaotzin the Haunt57
19Sleexen the Orc9
20Grathore the Ogre3
21Weaver the Phoenix1
22Tyrene the Phoenix1

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