Most Monstrous Deaths

1Smarmy the Giant4268
2Exorn the Shadow Afreet2664
3Artair the Dragon2445
4Merihem the Afreet2240
5Sunfire the Celestial Phoenix1465
6Edamas the Haunt1428
7Yelpi the Lich1416
8Draggy the Cerberus1198
9Cyrria the Empyrean Lich1065
10Hidaka the Celestial Phoenix375
11Korky the Ogre370
12Scoundrel the Mummy322
13Seiryuu the Wyvern194
14Saffire the Phoenix66
15Relyic the Salamander58
16Yaotzin the Haunt57
17Gaena the Sphinx53
18Anknut the Dwerger45
19Nona the Sphinx23
20Nama the Scarab16
21Xanie the Scarab16
22Urgraz the Orc10
23Tsildra the Kobold8
24Ernesto the Sphinx7
25Rakketeer the Minotaur5

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