Largest Monster Hoard

1Smarmy the Giant97777075
2Exorn the Shadow Afreet27343123
3Artair the Dragon12340474
4Scoundrel the Mummy12042967
5Adramalech the Haunt4211013
6Zycer the Cyclops4159641
7Tyrr the Specter3316750
8Anknut the Ettin2634614
9Korky the Ogre2069588
10Yelpi the Lich1004324
11Rakketeer the Minotaur884479
12Ernesto the Sphinx781859
13Sunnymuffins the Gryphon691121
14Kega the Minotaur627855
15Zulyknrt the Salamander591440
16Yaotzin the Haunt475447

More Leader Boards

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