Most Monstrous Infamy

1Artair the Dragon19008
2Smarmy the Giant18730
3Norin the Gryphon14056
4Marx the Lich3425
5Zetsu the Vampire2758
6Garthok the Orc2643
7Yelpi the Lich2220
8Korky the Ogre833
9Glyrak the Hippogryph631
10Kega the Minotaur425
11Scoundrel the Mummy380
12Anuu the Lich217
13Shey the Salamander127
14Rakketeer the Minotaur80
15Oderan the Grimalkin74
16Saffire the Phoenix64
17Zelofehid the Lich37
18Sonata the Mummy23
19Gruesome the Troll16
20Ernesto the Sphinx11

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