Most Monstrous Infamy

1Artair the Dragon18925
2Smarmy the Giant18583
3Zycer the Cyclops13352
4Exorn the Shadow Afreet11132
5Hecate the Vampire5690
6Anknut the Ettin5437
7Marx the Lich3392
8Ahlhamet the Mummy3088
9Yelpi the Lich2213
10Adramalech the Haunt1278
11Yaotzin the Haunt1065
12Sunnymuffins the Gryphon921
13Korky the Ogre749
14Tyrr the Specter637
15Kega the Minotaur418
16Scoundrel the Mummy380
17Anuu the Lich212
18Zulyknrt the Salamander103
19Rakketeer the Minotaur77
20Saffire the Phoenix59
21Ernesto the Sphinx16
22Mourning the Ghost8
23Zephra the Sphinx6

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