Most Monstrous Influence

1Smarmy the Giant900
2Scoundrel the Mummy876
3Marx the Lich734
4Rayen the Hydra696
5Exorn the Shadow Afreet663
6Artair the Dragon614
7Korky the Ogre588
8Feldin the Sphinx507
9Kitiy the Sphinx444
10Saffire the Phoenix437
11Toshiro the Revenant375
12Rykon the Dwerger294
13Citroc the Roc288
14Anuu the Lich167
15Draggy the Cerberus146
16Cyrria the Empyrean Lich133
17Cyanide the Vampire7
18Uggah the Spirit4
19Garr the Scarab2
20Crablocked the Orc2
21Siruz the Ghoul2

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