Most Monstrous Kills of Fellow Monsters

1Artair the Dragon38240
2Exorn the Shadow Afreet19601
3Zetsu the Vampire10896
4Marx the Lich7699
5Hecate the Vampire6755
6Kitiy the Sphinx1658
7Korky the Ogre775
8Glyrak the Hippogryph721
9Scoundrel the Mummy221
10Syro the Specter148
11Kega the Minotaur124
12Anuu the Lich80
13Madal the Specter30
14Torlen the Gryphon22
15Ceila the Wyvern11
16Schmee the Phoenix2
17Aralex the Scarab2
18Igrishnil the Scarab2
19Kudghi the Bugbear2
20Saffire the Phoenix1

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