Most Monstrous Kills of Fellow Monsters

1Artair the Dragon38298
2Zetsu the Vampire10896
3Smarmy the Giant9816
4Marx the Lich7803
5Norin the Gryphon7084
6Yelpi the Lich2872
7Garthok the Orc2424
8Korky the Ogre780
9Glyrak the Hippogryph728
10Scoundrel the Mummy221
11Kega the Minotaur124
12Anuu the Lich80
13Shey the Salamander58
14Oderan the Grimalkin32
15Rakketeer the Minotaur31
16Zelofehid the Lich14
17Saffire the Phoenix1
18Gruesome the Troll1

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