Most Monstrous (yet Wonderful!) Kills of Uglies

1Smarmy the Giant175535
2Artair the Dragon150311
3Zycer the Cyclops117147
4Exorn the Shadow Afreet91308
5Anknut the Ettin52540
6Hecate the Vampire50023
7Ahlhamet the Mummy23340
8Marx the Lich22489
9Yelpi the Lich17125
10Adramalech the Haunt11293
11Yaotzin the Haunt9883
12Sunnymuffins the Gryphon8288
13Tyrr the Specter5249
14Korky the Ogre5225
15Kega the Minotaur2990
16Scoundrel the Mummy2277
17Anuu the Lich1918
18Zulyknrt the Salamander987
19Rakketeer the Minotaur526
20Mourning the Ghost68
21Zephra the Sphinx32
22Arrow the Kobold6
23Saffire the Phoenix4
24Kereth the Spirit2
25Ernesto the Sphinx2

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